Summer of Learning Design Challenge #11: Minecraft Papercrafts

Check in here every Friday for a new Design Challenge. We will provide you with ideas for a full summer of fun things to make and do. It is all part of summer fun for kids and teens at the Kitsap Regional Library.

I’m sure that many of you have heard by now that Minecraft is totally blowing up. Granted, the game is tons of fun but have you ever wanted to make your own unique characters outside the pixel-world?  Well, apparently the ancient art of paper folding (Origami) has finally crossed paths with the virtual gaming community and now here’s your chance to create your very own 3D Minecraft world.

DSCF3713 by Javi G Ch on Flickr
hide your kids, hide your wife by Klara on Flickr

First off, you will need a computer and a printer. If you don’t have access to both at home feel free to visit your Kitsap Regional Library. Next you will need to pick out your favorite characters. Or do you happen to already have your own skin? Don’t panic, you can use that too!

Next take a visit to where you can either enter in your Minecraft username or search the site by Character, Mobs, Blocks or Items until you find the template that you want to print out. You can also create a design with one of these handy apps on your smart phone or tablet:
Free app for Android: Papercraft for Minecraft
Free app for iPhone or iPad: Papercraft: Minecraft Addition 

Finally you will need a pair of scissors and some glue.  After you print your Minecraft template it’s easy to follow and all it requires is some cutting, folding and a little glue here and there.

Here is a tutorial that will help during the construction process of your Minecraft world:

(From Minecraft Paper Studio)

Trust me,  you are now only just beginning to find your very own 3D Minecraft vision but it’s time to think outside the box (or pixel). Maybe you’ll want to start out with something interactive and design your very own chess set?

Papercraft Minecraft by Interested Bystandr on Flickr

Or go big just in time for Halloween?

Mine(Paper)Craft Day – GameCity 8 by nottinghamgamecity on Flickr

Or maybe you just want to see how your new characters get along once they’re brought to life. Will they build new worlds together or will they merely try to survive until nightfall?

Minecraft paper models by Rob Allen on Flikr

Either way, your options are limitless and all you need is a little time and dedication. An obsession for Minecraft might help too.

Don’t forget to checkout these many helpful resources in our Catalog:

Books on Origami:

origami henry     fabulous origami boxes   usborne origami

Books on Minecraft (gaming):

minecraft redstone   minecraft construction   minecraft combat

minecraft essential  minecraft 70 large  minecraft dummies

minecraft markus  ultimate players minecraft

We’d love to see what you come up with. Email your photos to Digital Branch Manager, Jean Charters, at for possible inclusion in a future blog post (under 1 MB file size please) or stop by your library to show off your creativity.


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