Summer of Learning: Get Ready to Read!

Did you know that you can help your child get ready to read? One of the most important things you can do to make sure your child is a successful reader is to read with them every day for at least twenty minutes. Reading to your child is so important that the American Academy of Pediatrics recently created a new policy for pediatricians to recommend reading aloud to infants from the time they are born. Reading to your child every day will help develop their early literacy skills.

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

What are early literacy skills? These are the skills your child needs in order to read successfully. Experts have identified five activities that will support the development of your child’s early literacy skills. The five best ways to help your child get ready to read are:

READING: Shared reading is the single most important activity you can do to help your child get ready to read. Share a wide variety of books with your child such as nursery rhyme books, books with animal sounds, books you can sing, and books with rhyming and alliteration.

PLAYING: Children learn how to express themselves, the meaning of words, and other early literacy skills by playing.

SINGING: Singing slows down language so children can hear the smaller sounds in words. Sing the Alphabet song, songs with letters such as BINGO, and sing songs that highlight shapes and colors.

WRITING: Reading and writing go together. Writing activities help children learn letter names and sound out new names.

TALKING: Conversations help a child express thoughts, learn what words mean, and gain new information about the world.

Kitsap Regional library has an abundance of resources available to help you learn more and develop your child’s early literacy skills:

Visit  our Birth to 6 section of our website!

Check out books about developing early literacy skills!

 Attend one of the many storytimes we offer here at the library. Our Youth Services Librarians present fun storytimes that model many different activities that include Reading, Writing, Singing, Playing, and Talking!

Check Out an Early Literacy Kit!

Photo: Kitsap Regional Library

 Our early literacy kits consist of ten picture books, a parent resource book, and a toy. Each kit has a different theme such as shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. There are also kits that contain a selection of books from our book list, “100 Books Every Child Should Hear Before Kindergarten.”

Developing your child’s early literacy skills is a fun and amazing experience! If you have any questions about early literacy, stop by the library and talk to one of our knowledgeable Youth Services Librarians.

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