Summer of Learning Design Challenge #7: Cardboard Box

Check in here every Friday for a new Design Challenge. We will provide you with ideas for a full summer of fun things to make and do. It is all part of summer fun for kids and teens at Kitsap Regional Library.


Berry flat boxes on Greta's table. Photo by Greta.
Berry flat boxes on Greta’s table. Photo by Greta.

These boxes held yummy summer blueberries last week and I’ve been pondering what else I could use them for this week. I remembered one of my favorite picture books, Antoinette Portis’ Not a Box!


The bunny in this book creates all kind of cool things with a box:  a rocket ship, a pirate ship crow’s nest, and more.  I bet you have a cardboard box lying around on the recycling pile or in a closet somewhere – it could be as simple as a shoebox lid or as big as a washing machine box! What will you make out of your box? The possibilities are endless!


A cardboard box of any size

(You can use any other materials available to you as well – glue or tape might come in handy! – but the base of your creation should be just the box. )


1) Take some time to look over the box you have and think about what you could create.

2) Create it!

3) Share it! Show off a little bit and tell your sister, brother, friend,  grandpa, or aunt about what you made.  You could also bring your not-a-box to the library and share it with us, we’d love to see what you made!

You can also share your creation with us by taking a picture! Email your photos to Digital Branch Manager Jean Charters at for possible inclusion in a future blog post (under 1 MB file size please).

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