Seniors: The Library’s Got Your Number

What do yoga, investing overseas, eBay tips and environmental protection have in common? They’re all here for you at the library. Today’s library is as diverse as today’s seniors. Sure, we have medical test descriptions, exercise dvd’s to help you feel younger, and books on coping with grief for people over 55. But you’ll also find tips on mountain climbing, swing dancing, chutney recipes and knitting patterns, because you never know who you’ll be and what you’ll need, at any age.

The library works hard to bring you convenience and offer many ways to find what you want to learn, making your life both richer and easier. Try out our 24/7 Digital Branch at, explore genealogy or get a book idea from NoveList. Attend a program on estate planning or your next travel destination. Pick up films or download audiobooks and music for your next trip to the gym.

We have things you never thought you’d need (like how to raise your grandchildren) and things you always knew you’d want someday (like skydiving vacations and traveling in India). Serious or silly, coping with tragedy or new love, we are here for you.

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