Guilty Pleasures, Secret Vices?

Someone I know took to sneaking Us Weekly magazine home to read, tired of taunts and jeers from her co-workers when she openly perused its pages for juicy gossip at work on breaks. Another friend just loves Reader’s Digest, but doesn’t want to be seen reading it among her highly educated co-workers who can be snobs at times about reading. Are you a closet lover of popular magazines?

Zinio from the library is for you! The library subscribes to dozens of popular magazines through online service Zinio for your unlimited use, just use your library card to download the full color magazines onto your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Every issue is yours to keep, read, reread or delete. This is not a lending model, you get to keep these magazines forever if you like, no shelf space or boxes needed!

Next time you are at the doctor’s office or a soccer game, download the latest and greatest magazines with Zinio from the library. And those work breaks? Your co-workers will be jealous, not taunting. Tell them to get their own magazines, thank you very much …. All they need is their library card.

Go to, click on Download, then select Magazines from Zinio, and enjoy a wide range of over 75 titles, including Us Weekly magazine and Reader’s Digest. Find your guilty pleasure.


KRL Zinio Digital Magazine Collection
KRL Zinio Digital Magazine Collection





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