Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?

With April 15th just barely in the rear view mirror, you’ve probably dedicated quite a bit of time, money, or both to filing your taxes. Now you may be wondering – what exactly did your money pay for?

You can find out easily, and in a surprising amount of detail, by checking your Federal Taxpayer Receipt. You can plug in exact numbers from your return or use a general estimate based on income and family size to see how your taxes support not only Social Security and Medicare, but a variety of priorities like national defense, healthcare, education, environmental protection, and more. For example, here’s the scenario for a married family with one child making $50,000 per year:


What about your Washington State taxes? We haven’t found a handy little calculator for that yet, but you can read a plain-English description of how much the state collected and spent this year in A Citizen’s Guide to the Washington State Budget: 2013.

And of course, if you’re thinking about cutting your tax liability for next year, the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation always welcomes your tax-deductible donations.

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