Poems in Your Pocket

April is the month to celebrate all things verse! Whether you prefer to read, listen, or watch there’s a free app that will allow you to get your poetry fix at the tap of a finger.

horseThe Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, designed a fun app for Apple and Android that turns your device into a mobile poetry library. Install the app to your phone or tablet and you’re off! Not sure what you want to read? Just give your device a shake (or tap ‘Spin’) and you’ll be presented with a unique mix of titles to choose from.  Find a poem you want to share, or keep to read later?  The app facilitates sharing through Twitter, Facebook and email; you can save your favorites in the aptly named ‘Favorites’ file.

poetry appThe Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation describes its Poetry App as “Great poetry read aloud by great actors.”  The poems are accompanied by both video and audio narrations, can be downloaded for offline enjoyment, and can be shared through Twitter, Facebook and email. Keep your eyes open as you explore the app; apparently there is hidden content throughout, including interviews with Josephine Hart and Jeremy Irons.  Available for both Apple and Android devices.

I saved my favorite for last.

The Sonnet ProjectThe Sonnet Project, as described by its website, is a completely crazy idea: 154 sonnets, 154 NYC locations, 154 actors, 154 films. Dreamed up by Ross Williams from NY Shakespeare Exchange, it began as a project to introduce new audiences to the bard in this year of his 450th birthday (April 23rd). After a successful Kickstarter campaign the journey began, and what a journey it became!

The project’s app gives you access to a new sonnet film every 2-3 days, and while they won’t be finished with all 154 by April 23rd, and I’m fine with that. Each sonnet they’ve completed is a work of art in and of itself; a short independent film that is much more than an actor reciting a sonnet.  Definitely worth a look!

With these apps on your mobile device, you’ll never be bored while waiting in line.  Happy National Poetry Month!

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