Kitsap, Why Do You Love eBooks?

The day I overheard a young father in the library ask his small children “Do you want to look for a hard copy book?” I knew we had turned a corner and the world had shifted. The youngest among us have to be told to look somewhere particular to find that print copy, all paper and binding, a “hard copy”. Just “book” won’t do.

Am I sad about this? I have to say, Kitsap “eBook love” is rubbing off on me, as I pay attention to the comments I’m hearing and the many faces of Kitsap, beaming as they tell me how very much they love their eBooks. I’m beginning to see why they just might be more loveable than I first supposed.

EBooks, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways, in the voices of our Kitsap neighbors:

1. The woman who had given up on her beloved bedtime ritual of reading in bed, because no matter what source or type of lighting she tried, her eyes were strained and she couldn’t read anymore…until she got a self-lighted eReader and discovered eBooks. She got her bedtime ritual back…Joy!

2. The low vision arthritic gentleman, frustrated by the lack of selection in Large Print and finding it increasingly difficult to grip a heavy book for very long, was in pain…until he got his pick-your-own-print-size and lightweight eReader. He told me eBooks have changed his life…for the better!

3. The young professional who, asking if we had any eBooks at all, was bowled over in surprise that we have not only eBooks and audiobooks, but also 75 top e-Magazines (Zinio) and  3 free-and-keep-it music tracks a week, from 70% of the music industry (Freegal – it’s free and legal), and exclaimed “Wow! Where’ve I been?” She left with a smile and her first library card in a long, long time.

So, Kitsap, why do YOU love eBooks? It would be great to see your comments here…more reasons to love!

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6 thoughts on “Kitsap, Why Do You Love eBooks?”

  1. I am saddened by the increase use of ebooks! There is a special feeling when you take a book from a shelf and turn the pages. Our children will not understand how important or library’s are if we start to rely more and more on ebooks. Also what happens when your reader battery dies or the power goes out? I will stick with my book thank you!

  2. Codex books will never die, no more than computers did away with paper. There will always be reasons to hold a book in our hands, even it is reduced simply to impulse shopping (with either a credit card or a library card). Half of the discovery in the world of books is looking at spines, not cover photos.

  3. My husband and I read a great deal, and we also travel, often for two or three months at a time, and checking out library books for that duration is frowned upon. Our little motorhome has limited space and ebooks are our reading salvation on these trips. (we do buy some paperbacks from the FOL book sales, then pass them along to other campers we meet)

  4. I love ebooks for traveling, and with an app on my phone, I can read anywhere I find myself waiting for someone or something. No power? No problem, the ebook takes care of the light. I still love the feel of a paper book and the artwork of the covers and illustrations.

  5. Thank you all for your thoughts. We love print and ebooks too! And we expect to provide both for a long time to come.

  6. No one mentioned the SMELL of books! Ebooks are really useful, especially if you need to be on the go and still get your research done, but…. if you would like the aesthetic experience that is a book, especially an antiquarian one, you need the hard copies. :D

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