First Tuesday Tech Talk: Shop Smarter with

Save money this year by using your library card to access the subscription website of Consumer Reports magazine! That’s right: with your library card and an internet connection you can now access exclusive online-only reviews, videos, articles, and other information for thousands of products.

But that’s not all! You also get access to searchable, full-text copies of the monthly magazine.

consumer reportsOnce you’ve checked consumer reviews, product rankings, and money-saving information for the best and most reliable products, you can use their ad-free shopping feature to make purchases safely and easily online (or search local retailers for availability).

What a deal!

One caveat: while you have full access to all of the valuable content on, you will not be able to access their app through the library. The app is available only to individual subscribers.

Consumer Reports is one of the top-circulation magazines in the country, and has the most subscribers of any website of its kind. We are thrilled to announce this new addition to our collection of digital resources available to you with your library card.

To access from KRL’s website, hover your mouse over ‘Research & Learn’ to open up a vertical menu and click on ‘Consumer Reports’. If you are outside of the library building you will need to enter your 14-digit card number before being routed and logged on to the site.


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