Microsoft IT Academy

Want to build your technology skills at no cost from the convenience of a home computer? Looking to enhance your resume and move ahead at work? Interested in preparing for a Microsoft Certification Exam? Then check out our fantastic, new service – the Microsoft IT Academy.

Microsoft IT Academy is a collection of web-based tutorials and videos on Microsoft software and services, including Word, Excel and Access, Windows, Exchange, Sharepoint, Virtualization and Systems Center, Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server, and more.

Getting started is easy and free of charge thanks to a partnership between the Washington State Library and Microsoft. We have created a quick start guide at

In a nutshell you will need:

1) To obtain a free Microsoft account

2) To register by clicking on the Microsoft IT Academy Registration Website link at and following the instructions.

If you prefer a printed handout to guide you through the set up process click on the following link to download:

Step By Step First Time User’s Guide (3 pages)

Once you have registered you can head straight to the Microsoft IT Academy Website, search for courses and start learning. Complete as many or as few courses as you like. There are no limits or restrictions. The website will even keep track where you left off so feel free to work at your own pace!

We are excited to be one of nearly 400 libraries that are partners in the Washington State Library Microsoft IT Academy. And we are even more excited to have had over 100 people sign up so far. We hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and we are here to help if you get stuck or have questions.

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