The Travel Bug

It started innocently enough.  A late summer day was made more poignant by a thought that, soon, the days would grow shorter, meaner, and colder.  Winter would descend.  A memory wisp of the bone-chilling damp sent a shiver down your spine.  Now, in late fall, every TV travel ad takes on a certain siren quality.  You find yourself just happening to check out the digital version of National Geographic Traveler.  While waiting for a free computer at the library you casually  thumb through the library’s latest Travel and Leisure.

Only when your stack of requested books comes in and you realize that you’ve unconsciously ordered five different books of the travel memoir variety, do you admit defeat, you have caught the travel bug. The infection will spread. Soon you’ll be brazenly borrowing Lonely Planet guides and Anthony Bourdain DVDs. Grocery shopping will become torturous as you think wistfully about how far the US dollar goes in Thailand. The only cure for the travel bug is to travel, fight this at your own peril.

Tobago beachThankfully the library is here to help. Bring your laptop into your local branch, with our wi-fi and wireless printer connections, you’ll be able to print out tickets and confirmations.  You can even pick up some basic language skills to use in-country via the language courses from the online instruction site Mango Languages.

Once tickets are booked and arrangements made there’s one more thing the library can do for you.  Nothing is worse than running out of reading material when on vacation.  It can lead to, among other things, laboring through a grubby copy of Twilight someone left in your hotel room, which only reminds you of the unpleasant weather you flew half way around the globe to escape.  But fear not!  With an e-reader loaded with books from the library’s ebook collection, there’s never a need to resort to such measures.  Just remember to bring a charger and adaptor, or your treasure trove of books will be an elusive dream. Happy travels…

One thought on “The Travel Bug”

  1. I liked this quote and wanted to share it.

    Life is like a library owned by an author. In it are a few books, which he wrote himself, but most of them were written for him.
    –Harry Emerson Fosdick

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