I‘ve been baking up a storm lately. I’ve been making and remaking fluffy pink meringue cookies until they come out just as  I want them–light as air with a crispy shell and chewey middle. And I’ve been spending my Saturdays kneading and rolling out dough–baking yeasty orange rolls and rich golden caramel rolls.

Why the obsession? A lot of it has to do with the super inspiring baking books I’ve been discovering in the library lately. Books like baking journalist Lisa Yockelson’s Baking Style. With its eye-catching bright pink cover, the book is chock full of delicious sounding recipes with intiguing names like “blushing birthday girl” cupcakes and “edge of darkness bars.” It’s arranged in an original way with categories such as “pure flavor,” “plain old-fashioned,””dreamy regal,” and “texture exquisite.” I love this book!

I’ve also been enjoying  The Art of French Baking, a book which draws recipes from two French classics written by Ginette Mathiot: Je Sais Cuisiner (I Know How to Cook) published in 1932 and Je Sais Faire La Pâtisserie (I Know How to Make Pastries) published in 1938. Phaidon published the book in English complete with whimsical Frenchie illustrations and gorgeous photos of golden pastries, delectable looking cakes and French tarts and cookies.

In addition to these favorites, checkout some of KRL’s awesome new books on making pastries, breads, cakes, pies and all things sweet. What’s next for me? Macarons!

2 thoughts on “Baked”

  1. That picture made me drool in a most unladylike fashion. I need to have a go at making macarons again soon. I tried a few years back and the results were… underwhelming.

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