Fall into Sports

As the leaves begin to turn and the weather begins to cool, it must be time for football season to start—high school, college and professional.  Meanwhile, baseball season is wrapping up in preparation for the championship series.  If you love sports, there are plenty of new titles that may appeal to your reading interests.

Currently the most popular sports book is the story of an unknown University of Washington rowing team which unexpectedly won gold at the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin—The Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown.  Rowing had been dominated by Ivy League teams from the East Coast or elite European teams.  What an exciting race that must have been to see in person!

In addition to getting insight into a particular sport, sports readers are often introduced to heroes.  And by heroes, I don’t mean the grown-up boys who throw away their earnings foolishly but the men (and women) who have overcome adversity on their way to becoming successful.   Readers can be inspired by some of these stories of difficult personal lives.  Look at these titles for such inspiration:

Driven:  From Homeless to Hero by Donald Driver, a legendary Green Bay Packer player and Dancing with the Stars champion.

Just Tell Me I Can’t:  How Jamie Moyer Defied the Radar Gun and Defeated Time by Larry Platt and Jamie Moyer.

Orr:  My Story by Bobby Orr is the first real story of this legendary hockey player’s life and thoughts about the sport.

And these titles barely scratch the surface of the wide variety of new sports books available this Fall.


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