Blew that Budget Again? Credit in the Tank?

We’ve all had our personal version of financial meltdowns. If only I’d known. You know the feeling. Regret, a dash of guilt, and oh yes, anger…angry at the world, but at yourself, really.

Here’s your second (or third, or tenth) chance! Come to the Sylvan Way library the next three Saturdays from 3:00-4:30pm and get the lowdown on not just how to budget, but the psychology of spending (Aug 24th), not just Credit Reports but what those number really mean and what affects them (Aug 31), not just What is Identity Theft, but how to prevent it (also Aug 31), and last but oh baby not least, how to recover from a genuine financial crisis, a big one (9/7).

These three workshops will raise your financial literacy to the sky and you will be able to dig out of that mess with confidence.

Or maybe you are just starting out on the road to financial independence, just learning to budget and get good credit in your own name, recently graduated or starting a new life. These three workshops will  start you out knowing the ropes and avoiding the traps that unsuspecting newbies frequently fall for.

Kitsap Credit Union employees will be teaching these workshops, so you know they are experts and have your best interests at heart.

While you are thinking about finances, check out our great book collection for everything from personal finance basics to how to live without a car. Already managing your own investments? We’ve got Morningstar Online for all your investment research needs.

Come join us, and bring a friend or two.

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