Crafting with Children

In June I attended the Northwest Handweavers Conference in Bellingham.  Although I haven’t been actively weaving for many years, this is a craft I love and hope to return to when I retire.  The conference is a great way to learn about new techniques as well as try out all kinds of associated crafts.

I took a class on Huichol Beading from Marilyn Romatka who teaches crafts to middle school students in Seattle.  She says the kids love her crafts classes because it is such a different kind of learning experience.  They have to use their imagination in a much different way than they do while playing video games and working on their computers.  Hand craft work tends to be a slow process which requires patience and concentration.  But in the end, you have a hand-made object that is your own unique creation.  The library now has copies of Marilyn Romatka’s book, Creative Crafts of the World containing simple projects with easy-to-follow instructions.

Crafts are a great way to stimulate children’s imaginations.  Learning something new while having fun is a great way to spend some time.  The feeling of accomplishment after you have created a hand-made object is priceless.

At Kitsap Regional Library you will find a selection of good books for both parents and teachers to use for inspiration.  And remember, taking some time to slow down and work on a creative project with your hands is good for adults as well!


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