Debbie and Will Recorded at Author! Author!

On August 2nd we had the privilege of hosting an evening of conversation between Debbie Macomber and Will Schwalbe.  Did you miss it? You can now find it online.

Will Schwalbe is the author of The End of Your Life Book Club which details his remarkable, book-related conversations with his mother during her treatment for cancer. Debbie and Will met at Book Expo America in New York and Debbie was so moved by his book that she suggested him for one of our Author! Author! events.

We hope you enjoy the conversation. And we agree with Will that the greatest gift that you can give is not a book, but instead the conversation you have about a book.

This event was organized by the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation and the proceeds go to support the Kitsap Regional Library. In addition to thanking Will and Debbie we would also like to thank Rice Fergus Miller, Barnes and Noble, Hampton Inn, Hale’s Ales, Flowers to Go in Port Orchard, CJ’s Evergreen General Store & Catering for helping us host a wonderful fundraiser for the library!

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