What’s On Order?

Ever wonder what new books, DVDs and other items are on their way to the library? By using a simple search you not only can get a full list of our soon to be new and sought after titles but you can also browse by format, subject and more.

Here is how to do it:

1. Click on More Search Options and select Boolean.

on order 1

2. Type in CALL=”On Order” and click Go.

on order 2

3. Then limit your search to format, subject or other features by clicking on the links located on the right hand side of your search result.

on order 3

Looking for other kinds of search tips? Let us know in the comment field below.

2 thoughts on “What’s On Order?”

  1. This didn’t work. :(

    No titles found (0 hits) – Try these tips:

    Click here for search tips and instructions


    Request purchase suggestions & interlibrary loans

    1. Never mind. It does work. I copied and pasted the Call=”on order” search and it didn’t work. It worked if I typed it in.

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