Life Hacking at KRL

Recently I stumbled upon a collection of videos from TedTalks called LifeHack. At first I laughed a little about the idea that someone could actually “hack” their life.  What do programmers disrupting computer systems and stealing information have to do with improving your day to day life? The answer to my uninformed question is nothing.

For many people hacking has a completely different meaning.  Instead of doing harm, the essence of hacking is a creative act. It is  “a simple solution that accomplishes a goal without changing the system”. It is often quick and inelegant but at the same time very powerful and with lasting effects. For a wonderful take on this idea check out this video (not part of the LifeHacks series but should be :) ):


I would like to offer one simple hack that I think is a good for all of us to do on a semi-regular basis – update your resume and have someone look it over.

Even if you are currently employed it is a smart to periodically update your resume with new skills or projects you have completed. And if you can get it reviewed by someone with resume creating skills -all the better.

At KRL we have a service called Brainfuse where you can have your resume and cover letter reviewed for free within 24 hours. The skilled resume reviewers at Brainfuse will give you tips and suggestions on how to make your personal resume the best it can be.

To give it a try go to:

And click on Brainfuse.

Once there click on the link Adult Learners in the main navigation bar near the top of the screen and then click on the link for Writing a Winning Resume and upload your files. A professional resume writer will then get back to you.




How do you lifehack at the library let us know in the comments below…

One thought on “Life Hacking at KRL”

  1. This is such an amazing video. I have never heard of hacking in the positive sense. Makes sense to me! Thanks for posting this topic. Carrie

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