Reading Simple

The fascination with living the simple life of the Amish people seems to be stronger than ever.  Why is this?  Perhaps it is because so many of us are caught up in trying to get a handle on modern technology.  Wasn’t technology supposed to make our life easier?  It’s true we now have access to all kinds of information and communication 24/7.  But it’s increasingly hard to turn it off and escape to some real peace and quiet.  Perhaps we are also a little envious of people who can resist all of our modern commercial temptations.  If you only wear simple clothes, who needs to worry about the latest styles?  If you go to bed early so you can get up on your animals’ schedule, who needs cable or satellite TV?  If your transportation is your feet or a horse and buggy, who needs a new car?

For a look at a different style of life, check out these books:

In My Amish Childhood by Jerry S. Eichler, a bestselling Amish fiction writer provides the true-life background for many of the fictional characters found in his novels.

Almost Amish:  One Woman’s Quest for a Slower, Simpler, More Sustainable Life by Nancy Sleeth is the story of how one woman attempts to get her family back on track by reducing dependence on unnecessary “stuff” , breaking technology dependence and buying locally.  Her message is to slow down and make faith and family your focal points.

Of course the Amish eat and cook well using real food ingredients–though perhaps not following the latest diet recommendations.  For a taste of Amish food, try Treasured Amish and Mennonite Recipes by Alan Giagnocavo  or The Beverly Lewis Amish Heritage Cookbook written by Beverly Lewis, another popular writer of Amish fiction.

And what’s up with Amish fiction?  There are so many novels being set among the Amish, perhaps because readers are looking for characters who are models of love and faith?  Readers who want to avoid graphic violence or bad language also enjoy reading books with Amish settings.

Check out! Amish Fiction at KRL


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