Travel Light with eBook Travel Guides

nyc2Whether you are getting ready to explore Orlando’s Disney World or sunbathe in the Mediterranean, one thing most travelers have in common is a desire to pack light. Fortunately, technology makes this easier; instead of carrying a stack of books for in-flight and/or travel reading, you can download library ebooks and travel guides onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

That’s right, ebook travel guides from the library! Now you can check out local hotspots, recommended hostels, or a city map with ease on your mobile device. The library’s collection includes ebooks from Lonely Planet, Fodor’s Travel, and Wilderness Press, to name a few.

Many ebook travel guides are interactive; links throughout the text make it easy to navigate between maps, destination information, and key phrases in the local language. You can ‘bookmark’ pages as you plan the trip, or (with an internet connection) click a link to access the website for a local restaurant or business.

germany travelIn the OverDrive catalog, search for ‘travel’ and the name of your destination (e.g. “travel paris”). After that initial search you can filter your results by a number of factors including format, subject, publisher, and device. You’ll find the choices on the left side of your results page.

Bon Voyage!

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