To Your Health!

Most of us want to do as much as we possibly can to stay healthy but it is often confusing.  Is coffee good for you or bad for you?  How many eggs can be consumed in a week?  Have you heard this rule:  No white at night!  So what does that mean?

Here’s a new book that is meant to answer some of this confusion—Tell Me the Truth, Doctor:  Easy to Understand  Answers to Your Most Confusing and Critical Health Questions by  Richard Besser, ABC-TV’s Chief Health and Medical Editor.   In this book Besser addresses 68 important health questions and lays to rest some popular myths.  Especially helpful are his guidelines for avoiding the potentially harmful effects of health care and hospitalization.

Speaking to that subject is the new book Catastrophic Care:  How American Health Care Killed My Father—And How We can Fix It by David Goldhill which explains how his father died from a hospital-borne infection acquired during his stay in the ICU unit of a prestigious hospital.  Goldhill emphasizes that the health care industry needs to focus more on the consumer and less on insurance and pharmaceutical companies’ interests.

A simple solution to avoid serious medical mistakes is the idea of establishing a good rapport with your doctor.  Here’s a new book which will provide ideas for doing just that:  When Doctors Don’t Listen by Doctors Leana Wen and Josh Kosowsky.  They acknowledge that doctors are often rushed or feeling pressure to downplay concerns of their patients.  In order to get the right diagnosis and care, patients must educate themselves about how to approach their doctor and what kinds of questions to ask.  Because health care has become much more complex and political, patient education is a real necessity.

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