Don’t Pay for that SAT Course Before Reading This!

Graduate[1]Every year, about this time, I run into people planning to take or retake the SAT and getting ready to shell out some real money for full length SAT preparation courses or practice coaches, hoping to bring up their SAT score. “WAIT!”, I breathlessly shout, trying to disguise the urgency of my message as I practically mow them down to bring them this good news: “ The LIBRARY has already paid for 36 practice tests, 9 courses and 22 ebooks on the SAT for you – all you have to do is login with your library card, and it’s FREE!”

Here’s the deal – We have everything you need to improve your SAT score from our website in Learning Express Library, and it’s just as good or better than the $500 preparation courses, so save that money for college, you are going to need it!

Not into going to college? How about practicing to take tests for Cosmotology? Emergency Medical Technician? Firefighter? Plumber? You get the idea….we’ve got preparation courses, practice tests with feedback and ebooks on just about every career or standardized test you want, so before you spend that hard-earned cash, go to the Library online and see if Learning Express Library has a test and future with your name on it!

From, click on “Research & Learn”, choose “Improve Career Skills” and find Learning Express Library…. your express ticket to your future.


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