Where’s your APP?


I am so glad that you asked!

Over the past week we sent out email surveys, asking you about how you are using the library and your thoughts on our collections and services. This information is invaluable for our future planning as well as drawing attention to the services we provide, but perhaps not everyone knows about. Since the survey went out I have received several questions on the library’s APP. Specifically, where is it and how do I get it?

And you might have also been asking yourself, what is an APP?  If so there is a very nice online video that explains APPs and what they are:


APPs are not replacements for websites, they are just computer programs or applications for users of mobile devices. So if you have been accessing Freegal, Overdrive Library eBooks, and Mango through the various websites you still can do that. You are not required to get an APP.

Although we have APPs for our eBook, Music and Mango Language Learning services (And Digital Magazines available starting Tuesday February 12th) we do not have an APP for our website. We have a mobile website. If you access our website on any device with a small screen you are automatically redirected to the mobile version of the KRL website, optimized for your screen, no special software needed. On this website you can check your account, place holds and renew your check outs and much more.

However as an iPad owner I know how great it is to have those little icons on my screen that take me to the sites and services I use most. And you can have that convenience with the KRL website by using a bookmark.

Just go to the browser on your device and type in www.krl.org and bookmark it to your home screen.

Here is how to do it on various devices:

On your iPad

1) Tap the “Export” button in the menu across the bottom of the screen — it’s shaped like a box with an arrow pointing to the right.

2) Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button and enter a name for the button in the text box. A preview of the button will be displayed next to the title box.

3) Tap the “Add” button in the upper right corner to add the bookmark to your iPad’s home page.

On your iPhone/iPod Touch

1) Tap the icon (the + icon on an older iPhone)

2) Add it to your home screen next to your favorite apps.

On your Blackberry

1) Click the menu key button (Blackberry Logo)

2) Click “Add Bookmark”

3) and then click “Add.”

On your Android device (default Web browser):

1) Click the menu icon

2) Click “Bookmarks” and then click “Add Bookmark.”

Interested in our eBook Music or Mango Language APPs you can find them in various online market places

Google Play


Kindle Fire


Got questions? Ask us online at


3 thoughts on “Where’s your APP?”

  1. One question I forgot to ask on the survey is whether krl has a system to easily track overdue books and track them down? I’ve looked for many a book that has been LONG overdue and asked the librarian to check into some of them. Some go FAR past their due date.

  2. Hi Cathy, Thanks for your question. I am sorry that you have had trouble tracking down certain titles. We have a variety of checks in place to assist people in returning items on time but sometimes items are not returned. All overdue items are tracked through our library catalog system. Books that are long overdue are automatically changed to a status of lost. At that point people are charged for the item. This process is completely automated.

    Best regards,

    Sharon Grant
    Digital Branch Manager

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